HÔMESCAPE™/ĤOMESCAPE™ is please to announce its Official start-up website of AAGWATT™ “Water of Heroes”


HÔMESCAPE™/ĤOMESCAPE™ is even more pleased to announce for the first time ever affiliates of AAGWATT™ which are described on thier website as “Our Heroes”  These ladies and gentlemen are supurb in thier academic careers and 

HÔMESCAPE™ is excited to see what the future has in store for AAGWATT™.

Mr. Jarrett K. Rumoro who cohesively with all afiliates is leading the charge in along with Mr. Anthony D. Gattuso.  AAGWATT™ has recruited a star studded team with the majority pursuing Juris Doctorate Professional Degrees from acclaimed Universities world-wide.   
Affiliates as named on www.aagwatt.info as of Aug. 23, 2010 are
Mr. Robert A. Memoli 
Mr. Michael Steinberg


Mr. Ronald B. Krakowski 

Nashville, TN AMERICAS

Mr. Andrew Dunkin

Zug, Switzerland EUROPE

Mr. Killian Schärli

Beijing, China ASIA

Ms. Shi Qian Qian

Ĥ☺MESCAPE™, A Human Company™ welcomes AAGWATT to the family.

The vision of Ĥomescape™/HÔMESCAPE™ is to build “a human company”™ that produces great ideas and innovations while raising the bar for the human race through education and nutrition.  We look forward to spreading the world’s greatest ideas and creating a sustainable organization with a focus on the human race.

ĤOMESCAPE™ was started in 2005 by Nicholas G. Coriano and was organized into a limited liability corporation in 2006 while Mr. Coriano was graduating the University of Connecticut.   Nicholas Coriano currently attends Law School in Chicago, IL. where he and fellow students around the world are collaborating on the expansion of ĤOMESCAPE™

copyright©2010- HÔMESCAPE™ LLC


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