A Nail I Picked Up Today

-By Nicholas G. Coriano

While outside loitering in front of my apartment building this afternoon something on the floor caught my eye.  A rusty, used, bent oddly construction nail the size of two quarters in length was laying on the concrete sidewalk.  At first reaction I kicked it a little bit with the tip of my shoe and thought about how horrible it would be if it managed to get wedged under my foot.  Then looking around at the pavement around I thought maybe I should pick it up, after all, it is right in front of my apartment and it would make the sidewalk look better.

 It wasn’t until after I had picked up the nail that I began to look at the environment in which they nail was truly in and thought; what if? What if the nail managed to get two feet further from where I found it, where several cars are parked adjacent to the sidewalk.  It could have easily blown a tire, cost the owner of an automobile money, placed tire in a landfill (including other parts of the car which may have been damaged), or even worse, actually get wedged in someone’s foot perhaps wearing sandals.  On a macro scale if the tire that needed to be discarded would be sent to a smelt factory in a third world country, would me picking up the nail be helpful to minimizing the impact on other people someone around the globe?  Would the person smoking a cigarette on the corner, who watched me, loiter and discover the nail, think good for him for picking that up and throwing it out or would he think I hope he washes his hands?  What’s the smallest thing you’ve ever done that has affected the world?  A proactive approach can make a huge impact in the world, as the old cliché goes; it’s the small things that matter.

“I dare you to profit from doing the right thing.”

                                                -Nicholas G. Coriano



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