AAGWATT™ on 9/26/10 has signed its first partnership agreement as follows:

Section 1-The General Partnership Agreement

General Agreement

HÔMESCAPE™ a Connecticut based Limited Liability Company is the sole partner of AAGWATT™, http://www.aagwatt.info, http://www.aagwatt.com, http://www.hydrocation.com, and “The AAGWATT™ General Partnership” with all rights reserved to HÔMESCAPE™

Section 2-Business Intentions

We are in the business of obtaining educational content, placing said content on labels for bottles, finding bottle and water sources, and selling the product to the market.

Section 3-Liabilities

Any cause of action to, from, by, or directed toward “The AAGWATT™ General Partnership” or directed at or about any conduct of it’s executives, partners, employees, or affiliates which may lead to actionable causes of action are to be assumed under HÔMESCAPE™ LLC. To be specific, all liabilities of “The AAGWATT™ General Partnership” are to be incurred by HÔMESCAPE™ LLC from Connecticut USA

Section 4-Control & Executive Power

Under “The General Partnership Agreement”, Nicholas G Coriano and Jarrett K Rumoro have equal and undivestable executive power and control as to operations, spending, and all other decision-making powers inherent in “The AAGWATT™ General Partnership”

Section 5-Sharing Revenues and Profits

All revenues and profits shall be payable to HÔMESCAPE™ LLC subject to the “Control & Executive Power” granted in Section 4 of this agreement. To be specific, allocation of any funds acquired by or through AAGWATT™ may not occur without authorization of Nicholas G Coriano and Jarrett K Rumoro deciding unanimously.

Section 6-Continuation Clause

In the event any partner elects to seize his partnership interest, dies, is voted out, or incapable of performing general duties of a partner, said agreement will continue with remaining partner(s) and will NOT dissolve.

Section 7-Buyout Agreements

The “Control & Executive Power” under this agreement controls all buyout agreements and arrangements.



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