Homescape Incubator Program

Homescape, A Connecticut based Limited Liability Company is a virtual business incubator, providing consulting services and network affiliation for start-up, nano-cap, and micro-cap companies.

Our virtual incubation system allows a start-up to even the playing field a bit by utilizing products and services provided by our people. We are currently launching a place for companies within or close to our network to advertise business for sale, partnership wanted, premium domains for sale, and turnkey businesses for sale. The site, will be ready shortly.

If you are looking to build your business into something bigger then it is today, you are in the right place.

Business services provided vary across a wide array of professions and if we can’t do it, we can find someone who can. Social network are great for promoting your business, and websites can do wonders, but when you are ready to do something big, you need a team.

We hope we can be your team.

To learn more about our virtual business incubation system, shoot any of us an email, we would love to figure out how to make your business take off.


The Homescape Incubator Team


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