Continues Expansion of Inventories

Hômescape™ LLC’s holding has grown it’s inventory line.  The E-commerce venture launched earlier this year and is a niche Banknote e-commerce Web Property selling World Paper Money and Banknotes from Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, North America and more. China 2 Er Jiao 1980Bundle

The E-commerce Property,, seeks to be a leader in the Numismatic community offering informative articles like “What is a Radar Note” and offering a wide selection of World Paper Money, including bundles of currency for sale. “Every week since our launch, we have added new inventory.  We are looking to expand our holdings in currency, we can appreciate the low risk of buying and selling foreign currency and the even lower risk of pulling out American Inventory (mostly $2 Bills) from the Bank at face value and selling them to collectors for a premium.” says Nicholas Coriano, Hômescape™ LLC’s CEO

NickyNice™ launched for Beta Testing as earlier this year and operates several Ebay and Amazon accounts as part of their eCommerce strategy.

While bundles of currency (packs of 100 consecutive banknotes) have been added to this week, the web property is not done.  More bundles are added daily and in the near future more currency and coin collecting supplies will be available for sale.  Check out for more info.


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