We are letting Domains expire and consolidating our Internet Properties

We are consolidating our Internet Web Properties.  Over the past 4 years Hômescape™ LLC has invested in many keyword domain names in various niche sectors of retail and business services.  After careful analysis several were chosen for development.  Many of our web properties were purchased with worries of certain domain names not being available, but the release of new domain name extensions leads us to believe that investing in domain-names alone may not be profitable as the supply of domain names will far outweigh the demand for them.

We have let over 24 of our premium  domain names expire and another 12 are set to expire before Jan. 1, 2015.

Below are some of the retained leaders in our portfolio of  domain-names, ecommerce websites/online stores, blog websites and service websites.


The Hômescape™ LLC Team


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