New changes to our website and updates on our “Investment Process”

We have updated our “About Us” page to better reflect our current operations.  As you may have noticed we updated our front page to better showcase our business model as a new wave holding company.  While we have been playing with the tag-line “Not Your Daddys’ Holding Company“, a poke to archaic Venture Capital and Holding Companies, we continue to strive to find ways to “Profit with a Purpose” and “Profit with a Purpose” continues as our underlying mission statement in every venture we get involved.

To add to this story, updates on our website now showcase additional philosophies and hints into our new wave holding company, such as the addition of our clear investment ideals on our About Us page:

Hômescape™ LLC (the Company) invest Time, Talent and Treasure in People, Property and Potential.

We have also included a summary on our 3 Step Investment & Growth Process.

Prior to the changes made on our website the About Us page read more like a history on our company and was named Our Plan & Story.  We will post another blog shortly further outlining our investment process and delineate how entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, investment companies, service providers and interested parties can benefit at certain times during of our ventures during our 3 Step Process.  We will also be updating our “Holdings” page shortly to better showcase the progress that has taken place….

Stay tuned!

-Nicholas G Coriano (Founder & CEO of Hômescape™ LLC )

“Our company has a vision of a better world, and with you, we will achieve it.”


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Not Your Daddys' Holding Company

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