New Year Brings New Goals

We are not really into the New Year’s Resolutions thing but as 2017 has come around we like to set new benchmarks that will guide our holdings and investments.

Our holdings have grown in a variety of amounts in the past years and our network of traffic has seen significant growth.  In addition to the traffic that has ramped up on our websites, our social media following is growing at an impressive rate – – especially on twitter where our accounts @Homeskape @MicroCapCompany @NickyNiceBrands and @PushYourRank have steadily gained followers.

In 2017 we plan to continue the growth of our online businesses & attract smart human capital to partner with our ventures.  This includes financing partners that can help finance the growth of these businesses.  Specific goals include:

  • Growing the catalog of banknotes, coins and numismatic related products on to over 1,000,000
  • Growing the real estate portfolio @Homeskape to hold revenue producing properties in all 50 States in the USA and
  • Growing the MRR of @CervitudeIR while delivering cost effective solutions to public & private company clients.

Other developments and goals have been set internally and the company continues to move forward on the development of all businesses it holds.  Potential investors, partners or developers interested in partnering with Homescape LLC or any of it’s holdings are encouraged to reach out via our contact page.

Happy New Year!


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