A Nail I Picked Up Today -By Nicholas G. Coriano While outside loitering in front of my apartment building this afternoon something on the floor caught my eye.  A rusty, used, bent oddly construction nail the size of two quarters in length was laying on the concrete sidewalk.  At first reaction I kicked it aContinue reading “DO THE RIGHT THING”

Ronald B Krakowski

Mr. Ronald B Krakowski graduated Central Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in General Political Science and was also conferred cum laude May 2009. Ronald Krakowski currently attends the Depaul College of Law in Chicago, IL and will receive a Juris Doctorate in 2012. Ronald hasContinue reading “Ronald B Krakowski”

The John Marshall Law Firm

The John Marshall Law Firm is an idea that if law students begin to build their “public perception” as a professional online while in law school, jobs as well as independent law practices will be more feasible upon graduation.  Currently we are looking for ten students in law school who will practice on their ownContinue reading “The John Marshall Law Firm”

We’re calling out

Awesome Awesome site!  If you want to get into the water business or are planning to do anything with water, as aagwatt works to do, you need to check out  If you are apart of the AAGWATT team, this is a must read.  Remember, we can change the world for the better and here, we dareContinue reading “We’re calling out”