MicroCapCompany.com 2017 Media Kit

Our holding http://www.MicroCapCompany.com has released its 2017 Media Kit which can be found here: microcapcompany-media-kit-2017.  Scroll down to see the media kit and stats on the network of traffic to MicroCapCompany’s network of online website blog and social media accounts. Stats as of 1.25.2017 (click the pictures to enlarge): If you are looking to advertiseContinue reading “MicroCapCompany.com 2017 Media Kit”

Homeskape Information Deck

At dba Homeskape we focus on the sale of raw and vacant land throughout the United States.  We sell land on marketplaces online including Homeskape.net, LandWatch.com, DesertLand.US, ArizonaLand.co and ArizonaParcels.com.  More information can be found here at the company’s pitch deck: homeskape-about-us-2017 or see the slides below.