AAGWATT™ LLC (Equity Stake)hydrocation1
AAGWATT™ is a Chicago born water bottling company that is on a mission to educate, hydrate and innovate for the betterment of humanity. AAGWATT™ focuses its efforts in providing a product (bottled water) which is healthy for the mind, body, and globe. AAGWATT™’s contribution to the water industry is simple: Placing a humane purpose behind a clever product.  The LLC also holds an interest in http://www.hydrocation.com and The Federally registered Trademark Hydrocation®

HYDROCATION® is AAGWATT™’s flagship bottled water brand that has a mission to bring education to the forefront of consumer consciousness.  HYDROCATION® places key educational concepts on product labels that are designed to help facilitate the student’s mission to obtain their degree.  HYDROCATION® bottled water is marketed to Schools, Universities, Colleges, and Educational Institutions of all levels where students are submersed in education.  The HYDROCATION® educational concepts placed on product labels are designed to be relevant for students; if you scan the image on the product label you can learn more information about that concept.

Contact: aagwatt@gmail.com

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