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Hômeskape™ (100% Equity Stake)


Hômeskape.com, which was purchased and developed starting in 2011, is a real estate holding subsidiary of Hômescape™ LLC specializing in purchasing and selling vacant land and raw acreage. Hômeskape™’s current land holdings range from small building parcels in Cherokee Village, Arkansas as well acreage in Northern Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan and Nevada. The company is actively growing their portfolio.  The low cost of Hômeskape™’s portfolio (given the buying period 2012-2015) gives investors the unique opportunity to purchase real estate at a depressed level relative to the peek in 2009. This quality vacant and raw land real estate allows for high yields generally available only with more speculative investments. The Company’s property portfolio consists of over 500,000 square feet of properties held without liability in the form of Quit Claim Deeds, Special Warranty Deeds and Warranty Deeds.

The portfolio includes three (3) Web Properties; ArizonaLand.co, ArizonaParcels.com and DesertLand.US  These web properties allow Hômeskape™ to cost effectively sell and brand their portfolio of real estate across America.


ArizonaLand.CO and the other web properties were built to promote solid investments in real estate via the ownership of vacant parcels of desert land; afford-ably.  ArizonaLand.CO is famous for offering all of their real estate with $99 Down, $99 a month plans, some of the lowest pricing in the real estate industry!!


Land for sale in Arizona…spacious and pristine…land that many quite rightly call “The Vanishing America.” A peaceful world apart.   ArizonaParcels.com sells virtually all types of land found in Arizona. Whether spacious ranch size parcels and home-sites situated in secluded wilderness settings or forested home-sites near charming small towns, we have it! All in carefully selected, spectacularly scenic areas of Arizona.


Established in 2013, DesertLand.US is a premier source of raw land in the United States. DesertLand.US is more than just another land company, we are home to some of the best deals for land purchases online as well as a REIT Management Company.  DesertLand.US purchases wholesale deals at local, State, Federal and Private real estate auctions, foreclosures, and short sales and sells them on easy financing terms not available to traditional real estate buyers.

In 2017 Hômeskape™ began offering custom built smart home solutions starting with a container homes for salecolor coded series of shipping container homes.  These homes are custom designed and pre built, delivered finished and ready to live-in.  Options for Hômeskape™ Shipping Container Homes For Sale include finished interiors, solar power, passive solar lighting, murphy beds and space saving furniture, self contained water collection systems, composting toilets, and more.

Also in 2017, Hômeskape™ began offering land for sale on LandWatch.com.  It has branded the domain Homeskape.net and pointed the domain to our land for sale on LandWatch.com.  The company also pointed ArizonaLand.CO to the LandWatch.com Hômeskape™ account for Arizona land for sale.

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