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Nicky Nice™ Brands (100% Equity Stake)

An Electronic Commerce Platform, Nicky Nice™ Brands is commonly known as The Products E-commerce Division or Products E-comm Division of Hômescape™ LLC , continuously buying and selling a wide array of products over the Internet on websites including Alibaba, Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, Proprietary Websites and other advertising and selling networks online.  Consumer Goods (health & beauty, home & office etc) account for 90% of sales, while, collectibles, novelties, and party favors are also among products sold at Nicky Nice™ Brands.   Nicky Nice™ Brands has a strong focus on becoming the premier seller on the world’s top ecommerce websites.

Since 2011, Nicky Nice™ operated 1 Amazon Stores and 2 Ebay Accounts while developing their portfolio of Online Ecommerce Properties.  In 2012 the venture expanded to 2 Amazon Stores and 6 Ebay Accounts.  In November 2013 Nicky Nice™ began developing NickyNice.com selling currencies from the USA and around the world as well as silver, gold, copper and collectibles.  As well in 2013, the venture purchased the domain TagSale.CO.


In 2014, NickyNice™ expanded their online presence on Amazon to over 3,000 products (including dropshipping) and continued to develop NickyNice.com.  The company also purchased the domain AmericanDropshipping.com.

In 2015, Nicky Nice Brands had over 40,000 products for sale on Amazon, Ebay and Proprietary Websites with the catalog growing exponentially.  Inventory was kept to a minimum using dropshipping methods and the majority of inventory purchased was gold, silver and world paper currency for sale on http://www.nickynice.com as well as corresponding social media websites.

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