About Us

OUR PLAN: Profit with a Purpose

  1. Do The Right Thing
  2. Make a Profit from Doing The Right Thing


Hômescape™ LLC (the Company) invest Time, Talent and Treasure into People, Property and Potential.

The company has invested in domains, websites, e-commerce accounts & portals, brands, trade-names and real estate.  Hômescape™ LLC was converted from a construction company (established during the real estate boom of the early 2000s) to a holding company in 2007; when the real estate bubble crashed and the Company began investing in start-up companies and real estate.



We start every venture with 100% equity in the investment (generally a DBA).  We sell or trade equity percentages of each venture in exchange for acquiring Time, Talent and Treasure from People, Property and Potential.


Phase/Step 1) It starts with an idea; then we test, try, survey, tinker and WORK an idea first.  This inherently includes research that not only tells us what the value proposition of a venture is, but also proves the viability of a revenue producing business model.  Once we find a “Business Model”, and prove revenue by making sales……

Phase/Step 2) We set an impossible goal.  After having tested and proven a particular Business Model under a DBA, Phase/Step 2 repeats the business model again, and again, and again….on the conquest to reach a benchmark (our impossible goal)….

Phase/Step 3) As growth takes place, we take precaution to grow a company that can be scale-able and where additional investment returns can be measurable.   This allows us to either keep the company and enjoys the dividends from profits or allow outside investors to purchase into the growing venture.  Generally seed investors and Series A funding companies can benefit greatly from all of our Holdings in Phase 3.

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