Nicky Nice

Nicky Nice Brands and are looking for Fashion Designers and Seamstresses!! aspires to be the ultimate fashion house in the world and plans to achieve this vision by teaming up with the worlds youngest, brightest, and best fashion designers and seamstresses.  Currently the website is up for the sole reason of attracting an innovative individual who would like to tailor one of a kind clothing to various particular markets.  Nicky Nice Brands will partner with many one-of-a-kind artists and designers and looks forward to achieving a unparrelled brand name that will create stability and sustainability for all partners, designers, artists, tailors & individuals involved.  If you think you and Nicky Nice Brands & can create a win-win partnership, email them at

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Ronald B Krakowski

Mr. Ronald B Krakowski graduated Central Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in General Political Science and was also conferred cum laude May 2009. Ronald Krakowski currently attends the Depaul College of Law in Chicago, IL and will receive a Juris Doctorate in 2012. Ronald has been a part of the AAGWATT team since it’s inception and hopes to grow with Homescape LLC, AAGWATT, and affiliate’s and looks forward to growing the legal side of the business infrastructure. Ronald B Krakowski, who is a member of Phi Alpha Delta and who recently finished an judicial internship at the Circuit Court of Cook County in Illinois is a wonderful addition to the team and the homescape family was pleased to hear when Ronald said “We’re going to change the world…for the better!” Welcome Ronald. Homescape is happy to have you!! is looking for partners!!  Get equity in a widely recognized domain and profound vision.  Nicky Nice is open to offers… HÔMESCAPE™ LLC is a company looking for a partner in the domain.  The vision is to create an e-commerce site for designers of all kinds in the clothing, textiles, and accessories industry to release “exclusive one of a kind” merchandise.  Although there will be no brick and mortar store anywhere in the near future, our vision is beyond the Internet especially in marketing the dot com. The vision is always open to ideas, suggestions, and offers of any kind.Please contact for possible win-win partnerships.

The John Marshall Law Firm

The John Marshall Law Firm is an idea that if law students begin to build their “public perception” as a professional online while in law school, jobs as well as independent law practices will be more feasible upon graduation. 

Currently we are looking for ten students in law school who will practice on their own upon graduation or plan to sometime after.  Together we can create a law firm while we are obtaining juris doctorate degrees.

If you are interested in communicating with other law school students with the same vision, please email Nick at

A meeting on the matter of structure will take place via-web chat once we have the requisite number of law school students.

We’re calling out

Awesome Awesome site!  If you want to get into the water business or are planning to do anything with water, as aagwatt works to do, you need to check out 

If you are apart of the AAGWATT team, this is a must read.  Remember, we can change the world for the better and here, we dare you to do it!!  Water issues are prevailing in the world and with so much water that covers the earth, we need to be sure to use it with the respect for mother nature.  The eco-system which encompasses all human life must look forward to sustainability.  Good job