Robert A Memoli

Mr Robert A Memoli was born and raised in Stratford, Connecticut and joined AAGWATT at it’s inception. Robert’s undergraduate as well as masters education are a perfect fit for AAGWATT. Robert A Memoli graduated Southern Connecticut State University with an undergraduate degree in marketing and a masters in education with a focus on physical education. When asked to join AAGWATT, Mr. Memoli said “I’m in! We have to do something, I’m ready to do something big.” Homescape LLC welcomes Mr. Robert A Memoli to the AAGWATT team and looks forward to his contributions.


Project Raise the Bar


The following has been sent out to major media outlets world-wide:

Project Raise the Bar

“We dare you to do the right thing and make a profit doing it.”  The words are more than an attention grabber for John Marshall students/entrepreneurs Nicholas Coriano and Jarrett Rumoro.  For them, it embodies the mission of “project raise the bar”- their global initiative to improve living standards around the planet.

The day Nicholas Coriano left his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut, he told his mother Sonia that he was going to Chicago to learn the law, but more importantly because of the opportunity of who he might be sitting next to in school.  Although these are not the choice words a mother wants to hear before sending her child away to spend 200 thousand dollars in graduate school,  the former New York Stock Exchange & Merrill Lynch intern was foreshadowing something gigantic to come. 

            Incidentally, in August, 2009, when Jarrett Rumoro looked up from his desk on his first day of law school orientation he could not have known the face next to him would help him locate and launch his career and lifelong mission.  However, the Phi Beta Kappa University of Illinois alumnus immediately came to realize, upon meeting Coriano, that both had ambitions that stretched beyond a Juris Doctor degree and reached across the seas to places like Europe and Asia.  As Rumoro explains, “It was clear after only a few weeks that we were on to something bigger than the both of us; something that was worthwhile, good, and pure.”  That something, which started as passing conversation about likewise dreams and hopes, soon materialized into concrete plans and aspirations. 

            After a year of organizing thoughts, the two John Marshallites have set the sky as their limit. They have embraced and embarked on a journey that has no foreseeable end.  Just as Clark Kent enters into a revolving door phone booth a regular man and exits as Superman the invincible hero, these two second year law students undergo a transformation daily as they walk in and out the John Marshall Law School entrance.  What exactly lies behind those doors one can only ponder, but certainly intellectual stimulation and application of lessons well taught, have spurred the innovation of these two young gentleman.  Currently, Rumoro and Coriano have personal goals aimed at graduating law school and passing the bar, but do not plan to stop there.

            “We are starting a corporation which is on a mission to educate, hydrate, and innovate for the betterment of humanity; food and brain food is the circle of life,” says Coriano as he finishes touches on the newest website (”   The new web domain houses the promotion of their first intended marketable product- water with a diploma/degree [see website for details] – which they intend to hit the markets this fall 2010.    

            With strong international connections and support, including partners from Beijing, China, to the Swiss Alps, the two bilingual (Spanish/English) visionaries take pride in their global network.  “Our agenda right now is finding products with a purpose, increasing our international presence and building the sourcing connections that can change revenue so as to turn our spread sheet green instead of red,” announces Coriano.  “Once we get a tangible product in hand the world will know we are here to lead by example.  There is no reason why children around the world should be going to bed at night hungry, thirsty, and lacking educational nutrients.  We will bring it to them, from Iceland to the Mohave Desert and beyond if there is life there.” 

            Where do they see themselves in ten years? “We would like to be traveling the world giving speeches & motivating those who will listen. You can do big things and make changes for the better,” explains Rumoro, “but it has to start with you, and in turn people will see your actions speak louder than words and they follow those who are driven enough to lead.  Challenge to put yourself to your highest use. ”

Mr Rumoro may be reached at

Mr Coriano may be reached at

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How appropriate!!!

check out what is up to..

Chances are you’ve heard about the Great Ideas Conference, which has been creating quite the buzz in the association community. The Conference is built around the sharing of yes, great ideas – with a focus on creative and new approaches to everyday issues in association management.

The spectacular, award-winning, five-star Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO will once again be the setting for this amazing program, to be held March 13-15, 2011. Join your fellow association executives for truly innovative educational programming, as well as networking opportunities, that will enhance your professional career and your personal

This conference was started by the ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership. At Homescape we like big great ideas, and this conference seems to be doing that.

keep up the good work!

In addition, HÔMESCAPE™ will be having a meeting of the minds, or Homescape annual meeting if you will to releash our concept once again about what a responsible, stable organization can do when empowered. The meeting is this Tuesday at 9pm at The John Marshall Law School and will be another effort to take large strides to raise the bar!!!!

See you all soon


We’re calling out Jones Soda

HÔMESCAPE™/ĥomescape™ through the pleasure of blogging and hopes to do more then just keep our Heros informed about what we are doing to better the world. As well at HÔMESCAPE™ we have announced the start-up of ĥomescape™ ventures a service mark that strives to serve the needs of start-ups and micro-caps around the world. As the blog is titled “Great Ideas” we thought we should probably start on that mission and to do that we are going to start a tradition of “shout-outs” to companies that we like and aspire to create win-win partnerships. Our first “shout out” goes to…..drum roll please….

The Jones Soda Company….

As it reads in there website

As of August 1st, 2000, Urban Juice and Soda Company Ltd. officially changed its name to Jones Soda Co (“JONES”). The story of the company began in 1987 when company founder and president, Peter van Stolk, recognized the potential of emerging “alternative” products in the beverage industry.

The company’s start in the beverage world was not as a manufacturer of its own brand, but as a distributor in western Canada of other successful lines, including Just Pik’t Juices, Arizona Iced Tea and Thomas Kemper sodas. By 1994, Jones was firmly established as a full line beverage distributor in western Canada, with a reputation for picking winners.

Thats what the website says, but the shout out if for the custom labeling, glass bottles, cult following, and out of the box flavors (at ĥomescape™ & aagwatt we like out of the box). We hope to do business with Jones Soda Company very soon and will be providing a business analysis through ĥomescape™ ‘s analysis division, As there financials currently stand, they are a company that is losing money, seemingly struggling to make the company profitable. AAGWATT is developing a plan to that will see both sides increase sales.

ps we love their web store…and remember to check out the analysis up soon.

Success and nothing less….





HÔMESCAPE™/ĤOMESCAPE™ is please to announce its Official start-up website of AAGWATT™ “Water of Heroes”

HÔMESCAPE™/ĤOMESCAPE™ is even more pleased to announce for the first time ever affiliates of AAGWATT™ which are described on thier website as “Our Heroes”  These ladies and gentlemen are supurb in thier academic careers and 

HÔMESCAPE™ is excited to see what the future has in store for AAGWATT™.

Mr. Jarrett K. Rumoro who cohesively with all afiliates is leading the charge in along with Mr. Anthony D. Gattuso.  AAGWATT™ has recruited a star studded team with the majority pursuing Juris Doctorate Professional Degrees from acclaimed Universities world-wide.   
Affiliates as named on as of Aug. 23, 2010 are
Mr. Robert A. Memoli 
Mr. Michael Steinberg


Mr. Ronald B. Krakowski 

Nashville, TN AMERICAS

Mr. Andrew Dunkin

Zug, Switzerland EUROPE

Mr. Killian Schärli

Beijing, China ASIA

Ms. Shi Qian Qian

Ĥ☺MESCAPE™, A Human Company™ welcomes AAGWATT to the family.

The vision of Ĥomescape™/HÔMESCAPE™ is to build “a human company”™ that produces great ideas and innovations while raising the bar for the human race through education and nutrition.  We look forward to spreading the world’s greatest ideas and creating a sustainable organization with a focus on the human race.

ĤOMESCAPE™ was started in 2005 by Nicholas G. Coriano and was organized into a limited liability corporation in 2006 while Mr. Coriano was graduating the University of Connecticut.   Nicholas Coriano currently attends Law School in Chicago, IL. where he and fellow students around the world are collaborating on the expansion of ĤOMESCAPE™

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