Connecticut’s Think Tank Mastermind 2019

The team at Cervitude Intelligent Relations has set the date for 2019’s Think Tank Mastermind.  Last year’s event was a tight knit group of entrepreneurs sharing entrepreneurial secrets, business tips, and advice on subjects ranging from real estate, ecommerce, business credit, search engine optimization, social media marketing, venture capital and more.

This year’s event will be much more of the same with many speakers returning and new speakers lined up to enhance the Mastermind experience.

The Think Tank Mastermind 2019 will be held on Thursday May 2nd, 2019 in Connecticut.  Location will be announced on

Tickets are now for sale at

think tank mastermind 2

An Event for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners on May 3rd 2018 in Fairfield County, CT

The team at Cervitude IR is throwing an event for business owners and entrepreneurs in Connecticut.  If you are interested in networking with movers and shakers and learning about some of the hottest topics in business today, then this event is for you.  See more at Cervitude via The Think Tank Mastermind & Networking Event – Thursday May 3, 2018

Social Media Management Services for Public Companies offered at Cervitude IR

Cervitude Intelligent Relations now offers social media management for public companies world wide.  The social media world is a great way for companies to reach targeted audiences of potential stakeholders.  Cervitude IR now offers services including but not limited to:

  • Facebook Social Media Management
  • Twitter Social Media Managementlinkedin marketing management
  • Instagram Social Media Management
  • YouTube Social Media Management
  • SnapChat Social Media Management
  • LinkedIn Social Media Management
  • Pintrest Social Media Management
  • and more

Learn more about Cervitude Intelligent Relations professional Social Media Management services by clicking the foregoing link.


Cervitude IR is a full service professional international business consulting firm with practice areas in Ecommerce, Social Media, Investor Relations, Intellectual Property and Business Planning.  See for more information.

Homescape Now Offers Prefab Shipping Container Homes

Homescape has begun marketing a new series of shipping container homes for sale which can be delivered to the continental United States.  For more information see

The new series of shipping container homes is adequately named the Homeskape Color Series and has the following designs in the series:

The shipping container homes by Homeskape can be customized to customer specifications.  Email for more information.