New changes to our website and updates on our “Investment Process”

We have updated our “About Us” page to better reflect our current operations.  As you may have noticed we updated our front page to better showcase our business model as a new wave holding company.  While we have been playing with the tag-line “Not Your Daddys’ Holding Company“, a poke to archaic Venture Capital andContinue reading “New changes to our website and updates on our “Investment Process””

Homescape Incubator Program

Homescape, A Connecticut based Limited Liability Company is a virtual business incubator, providing consulting services and network affiliation for start-up, nano-cap, and micro-cap companies. Our virtual incubation system allows a start-up to even the playing field a bit by utilizing products and services provided by our people. We are currently launching a place for companiesContinue reading “Homescape Incubator Program”