Project Raise the Bar

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE  HÔMESCAPE™/ĤOMESCAPE™ 2010 The following has been sent out to major media outlets world-wide: Project Raise the Bar “We dare you to do the right thing and make a profit doing it.”  The words are more than an attention grabber for John Marshall students/entrepreneurs Nicholas Coriano and Jarrett Rumoro.  For them, it embodiesContinue reading “Project Raise the Bar”


OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE HÔMESCAPE™/ĤOMESCAPE™ is please to announce its Official start-up website of AAGWATT™ “Water of Heroes” HÔMESCAPE™/ĤOMESCAPE™ is even more pleased to announce for the first time ever affiliates of AAGWATT™ which are described on thier website as “Our Heroes”  These ladies and gentlemen are supurb in thier academic careers and  HÔMESCAPE™ is excitedContinue reading “AAGWATT WATER CO.”