We’ve Acquired WebsiteAuctions.CO

Last week, Homescape LLC acquired the domain and website http://websiteauctions.co/ to add to our growing portfolio of online businesses.  WebsiteAuctions.CO is being developed to be the premier online portal to buy and sell websites, domains and apps. Homescape LLC welcomes potential investors and partners to help the growth and development of the website auction site. Continue reading “We’ve Acquired WebsiteAuctions.CO”


Ecommerce Ventures Looking for Seed Investment

Are you interested in Ecommerce Ventures looking for a Seed Investment or Series A investment?  Sign up below and we will send you frequent updates on new websites and Ecommerce sites looking to grow their businesses and in need of investment.  If you are an Ecommerce website looking for growth capital, please email us atContinue reading “Ecommerce Ventures Looking for Seed Investment”