Keywords Part of Homescape’s Overall Business & Marketing Stategy

Homescape LLC, a holding company with several online business planning and consulting firms, is announcing plans to dominate the keywords “business plans,” “business plan writer,” and “business plan templates” as part of their overall business and marketing strategy. The goal of this strategy is to increase the visibility of Homescape LLC’s websites and to expandContinue reading “Keywords Part of Homescape’s Overall Business & Marketing Stategy”

Homescape LLC Holdings to Focus on AI and SEO in Q1 of 2023

As technology advances, so does the way we market our businesses. In the coming year, Homescape LLC will be focusing its efforts on AI and SEO to help drive traffic to our websites. AI, or artificial intelligence, is a technology that is rapidly becoming more and more important in the world of digital marketing. AIContinue reading “Homescape LLC Holdings to Focus on AI and SEO in Q1 of 2023”

Download Industry Research Reports on

You can now download Industry Research Reports on at Industry Research Reports available to be downloaded include: 23611A Home Builders in the US Industry Report33271 Machine Shop Services in the US Industry Report44811 Men’s Clothing Stores in the US Industry Report44812 Women’s Clothing Stores in the US Industry Report53112 Commercial Leasing in theContinue reading “Download Industry Research Reports on”

Our Bet on 3D Printing and Lean Manufacturing

We believe in investing into innovative companies that are shaping the future. We believe the manufacturing sector in America is ripe for a turnaround and lean manufacturing methods and 3D Printing will lead the way! So we’ve taken a position in 3DX Industries, Inc. (stock ticker $DDDX). 3DX Industries Inc. is a Precision Manufacturing companyContinue reading “Our Bet on 3D Printing and Lean Manufacturing”