Nicky Nice

Nicky Nice Brands and are looking for Fashion Designers and Seamstresses!! aspires to be the ultimate fashion house in the world and plans to achieve this vision by teaming up with the worlds youngest, brightest, and best fashion designers and seamstresses.  Currently the website is up for the sole reason of attracting an innovative individual who would like to tailor one of a kind clothing to various particular markets.  Nicky Nice Brands will partner with many one-of-a-kind artists and designers and looks forward to achieving a unparrelled brand name that will create stability and sustainability for all partners, designers, artists, tailors & individuals involved.  If you think you and Nicky Nice Brands & can create a win-win partnership, email them at

Nicky Nice Brands™ and™ are property of HÔMESCAPE™ and all rights reserved © 2010


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