Virtual Business Incubator

Our Virtual Business Incubation system allows entrepreneurs and small business owners, either private or public, to grow their business. The mission began when Homescape LLC began purchasing business rights in late 2010.

Homescape, A Connecticut based Limited Liability Company is a virtual business incubator, providing consulting services and network affiliation for start-up, nano-cap, and micro-cap companies.

Now, the business incubation system has grown to over three ample business models, 5 trademarks, and a multiple of domains. Partnerships and next stage fund raising is currently taking place on our auction site. The difference between this site and other sites selling businesses is that we do not allow a user to simply place an ad on the site. The business or website venture owner must contact Homescape first. This eliminates broker/dealers from posting and gives those trying to buy a business a more legitimate platform to do so.

If you would like to be a part of our virtual business incubation system please email us at


The Homescape Virtual Business Incubation Team.


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